Dear friend,

you’ve been to Berlin before? you’ve never been? you are planning a trip?

begin or expand your berlin world with this page.

***but please only share this page with radical queers you love and trust***


EASTER CONFERENCE gets full very fast! get on their email list.

Cutie.BPoC Festival –  JULY

QTIPoC Kink Festival; B.O.U.N.D. Fest. JUNE

FOLSOM – SEPTEMBER all bdsm parties are on on fetlife

pornfilmfestival OCTOBER –  last weekend for 4 days before the weekend!

Transformations – TPOC organized film festival! NOVEMBER next year. white people can apply with films but qtpoc work prioritized

COVEN BERLIN (a few big shows a year)

STRETCH – for trans bi and gay men


– don’t take photos at many of these places
– there’s A LOT of heavy cigarette smoke after 11 pm*
– watch your drinks! very very rarely it happens but people have been spiked.
– watch your phones/ bags! many thievings going on.
-watch you don’t walk in bike lanes which are right next to the sidewalk

HYDRA CAFE (sex worker led!)

SUDBLOCK ( Great for lunch/dinner/ eve drinks and BRUNCH SUNDAY 11 AM- 3 PM) NON SMOKING DURING DAY (bad WIFI)

SILVER FUTURE(WIFI) (they are willing to host events if you talk to them in advance) no food but sometimes the samosa guy comes around and also there are snacks in a bag that drops from the ceiling. there’s also non alcoholic drink menu you can ask for and huge HERB TEA selection that you can view in their European style tea box.

Möbel Olfe(non smokers don’t go here unless you have HIGH tolerance for smoke) WOMEN AND TRANS NIGHT: TUESDAY – rest of nights more cis fag

BARBIE DEINHOFF * very smoky too

SCHWUZ* BIG RADICAL DANCE CLUB with a WOMEN AND TRANS MEN NIGHT: HOT TOPIC -has area for sex and not horribly smokey

Quälgeist  is shut until further notice

If you are on fetlife check out: Honey & Spices, Femme Fatalities and Dungeons Deluxe. Also Jasmine BDSM for monthly education which there is always translators for. Very educational. 

Sex Deluxe party you need to find out about through word of mouth. There are 4 parties a year and they are awesome!



this place has a darkroom! fun! it’s even fun trying to find it in the dance church maze. they don’t always let you in so dress cute. this club is open 24/7 berliners go sunday afternoon/ night and tourists on friday and saturday. snacks and ice cream for sale. you can get condoms and gloves from bar staff for free. i would bring my own lube packets though although there are huge lube pump canisters in dark room. You can even go at 10 am if you are really a deep dancer Saturday morning or Sunday morning.

GEGEN – great wild night at KitKatClub can fuck on the balcony mostly cisfags tho

LABORATORY – sex club for men


Azzam cheapest and best restaurant in Berlin on Sonnenalle.

Barettino (has wifi) super delicious brunches! good juices!

Brammibal Donuts  on the canal (VEGAN) also good vegan grilled cheese

Cocolo Ramen on the canal go earlier though as it’s packed! not much vegetarian but one thing i think

Ankerklause – fish and chips and big breakfasts – it’s like a boat and you can sit on the canal

Maky – cheap delicious vietnamese/ asian fusion lunch under 5 euros and WIFI

bravo BRAVKO -best cake in town? and wifi



Schwules Museum

need to book a diy venue for art or your band/ project: altes



ATXE or Fercha or Brody


 BUTCH CUTS book an appointment on the fb page. now they also have a femme hair cutter i believe too!

FREE HEALTH CARE YOU DON’T SHOW ID & THERES MEDICINE THERE please refer to this map for exact location

ALSO- if you are sick almost all pharmacists speak English and can help you often with medication and diagnosis like a doctor would. look out for signs that say APOTHEKE

need euro style thrift store clothes? Try HUMANA

huge weird carni costume library – make a donation and bring things back! at exit


Heile House:  free/donation based health consultations, alternative medicine

powerful cis femme Eva – somatics

rad non binary somatics healer named Clay

cranio by Mathilde on Saturdays

MASSAGE – Richard –  30 euros/ 1 hour massage on thursday!

Queer psychologist for English speakers: Jessica

need to fix something w acupuncture?



Secret Berlin Queer cruising facebook group post here for action. oh wait you need to be added to the group get someone in the group ie me to add you 🙂

OK CUPID, Tinder and grinder and Planet Romeo are pumping in Berlin check it out

Other Nature: Pick up some lube here or their biggest seller their compact anal douche!

also only open on Fridays: Sexclusvit – small and cute and queer friendly.

Manon – escort – manon.praline at

Luk Transboy – escort

Finn Peaks – ftm escort

Sadie Lune – kinky femme sexworker

Ann Antidote – bondage teacher

Rent a Dungeon

THINK YOU GOT HIV/ STI get free checks here* or here

*try to use condoms/gloves there are a lot diseases here (also for oral) with the increase in prep use – hiv organizations saying no condoms needed! eeek!!

you really really like kink? click here for a map of everything kink in berlin


GYM you can work out twice at Mcfit for free just come in with a passport and an address. also same goes for John Reed. Queers going to John Reed at Koti 9 am – 6 pm usually. Morning shift bigger 9-11. There’s about 15 of us.

Queer Fitness Class with Tom Wednesday and Friday

Queer Fitness Class with Martin Wednesday @ 18 o’clock!

trans*inter* swimming every first tuesday in the month organized by this groupSeitenwechsel

AMAZING POOLS Columbiabad and Prinzenbad (also has a nudist area at the very back!) bring picnic with lots of grassy area with trees

Queer Yoga


Krystal Sauna! best birthday sauna! free! you get a photo by a palm tree or giant crystal and a free voucher for something small in the restaurant like a drink or ice cream. buy an ABC ticket. a few stops from downtown on the train.

“WOMENS DAY” MONDAY  SAUNA Stadtbad Neukölln get there at noon if you can! it’s more empty during the day. you can get changed in the men’s room it’s empty of men. you can also go swimming but must wear a bathing suit. snacks are ok in resting area but be discreet.


this one has heated water beds to take naps and relax on!

new tip – women only sauna

many saunas have aufguss which is amazing. sit on first level if you can near door for your first ones.

learn about the aufguss here from wiki:

(Aufguss, lit: “Onpouring”)  During an Aufguss session the Saunameister uses a large towel to circulate the hot air through the sauna, intensifying sweating and the perception of heat. Once the Aufguss session has started it is not considered good manners to enter the sauna, as opening the door would cause loss of heat (Sauna guests are expected to enter the sauna just in time before the Aufguss. Leaving the session is allowed, but grudgingly tolerated). Aufguss sessions are usually announced by a schedule on the sauna door. An Aufguss session in progress might be indicated by a sign hung on the sauna entrance. Cold showers or baths shortly after a sauna, as well as exposure to fresh air, garden or open-air (Frischluftraum) are considered a must.

also check out liquidroom its like being on mdma with the salt water dark floating pool!

trans friends tell me they can navigate these spaces w towels

BOILER ROOM – for men (trans and cis)



HYDRA (peer led sex worker rights orga)


Narcotics Anonymous Groups Check Saturday 12:30 and Sunday in tower 7:30

English Speaking AA   Fantastic GAY AA Thursday at Lesbenberatung and new Xberg queer meeting Saturday at 9pm

Berlin Radical Faeries press the english button for meeting space, woodworking learning, german learning, hammam and more! only for women.

ACCOMODATION – good for finding sublets for a week to a month! post or scroll in here:

BERLIN QUEER EXCHANGE (you could potentially post skills/ events you have to offer berlin here)


Air bnb is very cheap, but always better to pay queers – post in groups first. Air bnb is gentrifying Berlin.

Boat hotel – good reviews from queers – private room is nice

Regenbogenfabrik – good vibes – diy cinema and cafe and bike fixing place

INTERNET CAFES – prepare for very slow wifi at cafes!

free wifi at all groceries stores with the name REWE

NEST (back room is empty gorgeous and huge!) on Gorlitzer Park


Kapitan– queer run – Greek


Hannibal in Kreuzberg (by Gorlitzer Bahnhof)  is HUGE and so many old amazing couches – good for large groups – great atmosphere you can stay ages if you have internet work DAYTIME


Two and Two

Bruch Bar

EIS = ice cream

map of ice cream in berlin


just use WHATSAP or VIBER when you are here (easiest and cheapest)


need an adaptor for north american computers/ phones? 3 euros! at YES ELECTRONICS phone broken or other small electronics? they can maybe fix! a lot of us get our phones fixed here.

Mac computer broken? Wolfcare or AppleGuy Don’t bother going to mac store they take weeks to fix also the apple approved ones too.


*** rent a bike at Bike 44 for 4 euros/ hour or 25 for the whole week

Queer pottery classes

YOU MUST BE WILLING TO WORK OR PAY IF YOU GO TO THESE PROJECTS! please do not go there and take, only go there if you are willing to contribute! Write a month in advance. Or at least two weeks.  Betonest is more flexible. 

PONDEROSA – performance artist/ dance village 

QUECKE – feminist queer retreat centre – creek, forest, gardens, sauna, big spaces, accessible!!

BETONEST create your own DIY artist residency at a very low cost. A hotel, ten large industrial buildings and a lake await you.

the one and only QUEER TOUR OF BERLIN! by Finn Ballard

Modular – most mindblowing crafty store – overpriced so watch your purchasing

free German classes email my friend: (run every two months for a week crash course of afternoons only – you may get lucky!)

BERLIN PARKS : templehof, treptow and hasenhide are the nicest
but also try picnicing on insel 

Most delightful German diner for breakfast or cake of a german diner meal – Kuchen Kaiser Oranienplatz 11-13 no wifi

If you live in Berlin

and need your house painted: Painting


Nel Fragner


Alexa Vachon

this is our queer world.

let’s fill it with love and respect and support each other to make sustainable lives.

please let me know if you or a friend needs to be added to this page!



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